Berne Abbey – Day 2

After breakfast at the hotel, we rode the bus to Berne Abbey, founded shortly after Norbert’s death in 1134. This current location has been home to the Norbertines since 1857. In the late 1800s, they had a large number of vocations, which allowed them to send three Norbertines, including Bernard Pennings, to Wisconsin in 1893. Berne would send 26 Norbertines in all, which led to the purchase of St. Joseph Parish and the founding of the college.

3 thoughts on “Berne Abbey – Day 2”

  1. The photos of Oosterhout are mesmerizing and inspiring.
    Oosterhout is my favorite Norbertine house,
    it’s so human scale
    and the Sisters’ stewardship and care in every aspect of their life from their common prayer
    to their new work in the vineyards
    expresses and shapes the Norbertine contemplative tradition at its best.

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