Leffe Abbey in Dinant, Belgium – Day 6

Today we had power and slightly cooler temps, so all is good again! We are staying just outside Dinant, so it was back on the bus to Leffe for mass. Founded in 1154, it flourished for centuries. The 15th century, however, brought plague, flood and fire. In 1844 the last member of the Leffe Norbertine community died and everything appeared to be finished. However, the Norbertines of Frigolet were expecting to be expelled from their abbey, so in 1902 those members bought Leffe. During World War I, the abbey was turned into a prison for 1800 women. The Norbertine community eventually was able to return to the abbey. In 1929 a fire destroyed part of the abbey of Tongerlo, leaving those Norbertines homeless. They took shelter at Leffe, and eventually Leffe was officially transferred to Tongerlo. In WWII, Leffe was able to hide 40 Jewish children from the Germans. Today, they have 13 members, and are in need of vocations.

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